Focus On Maximum Return On Investment, Strategically Planning To Get Economical, Lasting Recognition


There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing branded promotional product gifts. Selecting the right products can involve some simple strategizing. The goal should always be to achieve maximum return on your advertising investment.

First and foremost, consider what kind of relationship exists with the recipient. Are they an established customer with a substaintial ordering history, an occasional customer, or someone new you want to attract to gain as a new client? If they are an established customer that is important to your business, you would want to consider a higher end product. When casting randomly for new business, you would want to go with less expensive items that would still be attention getting without looking cheap. What's more, you would like for a product to encourage the recipient to take action, such as arrange for a meeting, try a new product, or stop by a trade show booth.

Next, determine from a list what quantities you many need. This will help establish a budget, as well as to rule out possibly dated items such as calendars or food products. Calendars have a very limited time during which they can be distributed, and after which they are basically garbage. If you select items that will have a longer shelf life, you can order more to use for future campaigns, thereby bringing down the unit cost. This in turn may increase your return on investment. The less expensive an item is while generating more business, the better the return.


It is important to keep in mind that giving your customers or potential customers cheap, easily broken plastic pens or key rings is not going to make your company look very good. Cheap promotional products will create a direct relationship in the minds of the recipients between cheap promotional gifts and your products or services - which they may also feel are sub-standard due to the gifts they have received. Giving customers cheap gifts is an indication of how much your company values their business, so cheap gifts will not enhance customer loyalty or earn new business. Image is everything these days, people want nice things - they do not want to be seen using something cheap. Cheap and tacky is not the image you wan to create for your company.

This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on custom promotional products to make a good impression. You can give decent quality, yet economical gifts but they must be USEFUL. A bottle opener might seem like a good inexpensive gift, but how many people USE a bottle opener, or how often? Conversely, mouse pads are fairly inexpensive and will display your logo every day. Same with a wall calendar. Shopping totes, note book jotters, and insulated lunch bags all emblazoned with your logo are all excellent, inexpensive gift items that will be kept and used frequently.

Additionally, the gifts with a longer shelf life will continue to promote your brand every time they are viewed, thereby increasing the return on your advertising investment. Pens, for instance, are used frequently and can have a fairly long shelf life, but, they must be good quality pens with features such as comfort grips, smooth writing gel ink, and a capacitive stylus for use with touchscreens so the recipient keeps and uses them. Imagine a pen with your logo being used every single day for six months! This makes an economical, decent quality pen a great promotional marketing investment.

To summarize:

  • Consider the difference between giving your customers something they can use as opposed to something they will use.
  • Make sure your promotional gifts reflect the quality of your own products and services.
  • Poor quality promotional gifts will soon break and be thrown away so the entire purpose of you giving them will be destroyed.
  • Think about the usefulness of promotional gifts to the recipient.
  • Does your promotional gift look and feel good?
  • Is your selection a good value offering maximum return on investment?
  • Look ahead and consider ordering items that can be utilized for specific events as well as future marketing efforts.
  • Promotional products should motivate people to take action such as meet with a sales representative, try a new product, or visit a trade show booth.

With a little strategic planning you will be able to select custom branded promotional gifts that are economical, desireable, useful, and appreciated while striving for the maximum return on investment!

Here are a few suggestions for economical, lasting promotional gifts:

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