There Are Many Styles And Features For Custom Baseball Caps - What You Need To Know To Make A Selection
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There Are Many Styles And Features For Custom Baseball Caps - Here are some things you need to know to make a selection.

Baseball style hats (caps) are almost as common as cell phones. How difficult can it be to order customized baseball style hats with your logo? What are the differences? It turns out there are quite a few.

To start with, baseball caps are usually made with some solid type of material all the way around the head. Usually they are made with five, six or seven panels of material. However, there are also very common "trucker style mesh caps" that have half of the top made from a perforated material allowing maximum airflow for comfort. The mesh material can be colored to match the solid material, or contrasting color, or can even be printed for camouflage. The weather and use of the hat makes the choice of material important and may be a firts step. Some of the materials and characteristics include:

Brushed Cotton: Soft, flexible, mid-weight. Cotton Twill: Has a smooth, vague sheen to it. Very durable. Washed Chino Twill: A lightweight texture that may highlight some deep hues. Very basic attire, casual wear. Color Dyed: The color colored texture is caused by tumbling the material while drying, causing slight variations in the color, resulting in a faded, weathered look. Sometimes the hats are further weathered by fraying the bill of the cap. Polyester Mesh: Blended texture that is highly breathable, light weight, cool to wear during heat of summer. Wool blend: Not common, but very strong and lasting.

Another consideration is the type of "closer" on the back of the hat that allows adjusting the hat's size. The most common is a plastic band with snaps that allows adjusting by simply moving the snaps closer or farther apart. These are referred to as "snap back hats". A great alternative is the "hook and loop" fastener which is exactly like Velcro. It is two opposing straps that overlay to allow unlimited sizes for a precise fit. Another type of closer is the buckle. It is not as common anymore since they are prone to rust or breaking, and are not as easy to adjust. However they do allow unlimited sizing for a precise fit, and many folks feel they give a higher end look to the hats, so buckle closers for custom hats are certainly available. Then there are hats now that require no adjustment closer. These are "flex-fit" or "stretch-fit" style hats. The stretch fit is a result of either spandex used in the material, or spandex mesh in the back panels. These hats are great for children as well as adult leisure activities. s

Another feature to consider with custom baseball style hats is the "profile", which is the height of the hat above the bill. The most common is a mid profile which allows adequate space for embroidery or screen printing. If you go with a low profile, the vertical space becomes short and may interfer with a logo size. The high profie is the maximum vertical space by many do not like the look of a high profile.

And what holds up the profile? The structure. The structure is the front area of the hat above the bill and inside the hat that keeps the front standing up. There can be structured hats, non-structured, or lightly structured - depending on the material used for the structure. Baseball players traditionally have structured hats - you can clearly see their logos. A non-structured hat is one that can easily be rolled up and stuck into a back pocket, or collapses when tossed onto a table. A light structure may be required for embroidery if no structure is desired so the threads have a better surface to pierce and hold.

Regarding colors of hats, there is a vista of color four imprint on custom baseball hats. And the colors can be mixed, so there might be a white bill with a black hat, or a red bill with a blue hat. Add to the colors of the materials the color of the stitches. Contrast stitching is a very popular feature that lends a distinctive look to your hat.

The overall style of hat makes a big difference:

Flat Bill Trucker hats with a mesh back are stylish as well as comfortable. And with a high profile structured front they offer a huge imprint or embroidery area for customizing with your brand.

The Common Trucker Mesh Back Hats are popular, comfortable, and offer nearly as much imprint area as the flat bill version. They have a mid profile and are available with five panels, leaving the front panel free of a vertical stitch running down the middle.

Hats like the Nike AeroBill integrates proprietary lightweight construction with breathable, sweat-wicking fabric for enhanced comfort and reduced distraction. A hook and loop closure with pull tab ensures a custom fit. These are great for outdoor sports in the summer.

So there are many considerations when looking at baseball style hats with your logo. Customized hats are one of the best promotional products you can invest in and offer a teriffic return on your advertising budget. Call Texas Branders and let our experts help you select your custom baseball style caps today!

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