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As a V.A. Verified Veteran Owned Small Business, Texas Branders is Certified to be a Promotional Products Supplier to the United States Government

Texas Branders is proud to have obtained it's status as a V.A. Verified Veteran Owned Small Business.

Being a Veteran Owned Small Business is more than just advertising that a company is owned by a veteran. A V.A. Verified Veteran Owned Small Business is a company that has been certified by the Veterans' Administration to fulfill orders to the federal government for their products and services.

To be verified, Texas Branders had to go through a rigourous background check to verify not only the ownership, but also the business practices, the employees, the longevity of the company, experience, tax records, business processes, membership affiliations, financial reports, customer comments, and even a visit to the business location by a V.A. representative.

So, when dealing with a Veteran Owned Small Business, you are doing business with a company that you can be assured has been thoroughly reviewed for it's performance, reliability, and trust-worthyness.


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